I’m a lifestyle portrait photographer situated in Ottawa, Canada, but available for work most anywhere a Canadian passport permits.


People are complex: at any point in time they may be apprehensive or assured, happy or heartbroken, silly or serious, tranquil or tense. Where they find themselves in this moment is a part of their larger story, which is always fascinating (whether or not they recognize it). 

My task is to help them tell their story and to express themselves in the now through my imagery.

And it’s what I love to do.




So what does all this cost?

Well, that depends. All of my work is based on a creative fee and deliverables, the latter of which are provided through various collections built to suit your specific needs. All collections include the digital file, with prints as an option.

Additional costs pertaining to travel and any other special requirements are also factored in as appropriate: for instance, renting an elephant for the day.  (Hey – don't think I'm picking up the tab for that one!)

Don’t be shy to contact me with your request and we can discuss the "what, when, where and how" that best meet both your budget and your intent.

And when you're not creating portraits, what then?

Good question! I have personal projects on the go, some of which you can see at blackdogzencat.com. And the rest of the time I spend as a professor in engineering at the University of Ottawa. Go figure…